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Born in Europe, 1983

High School Art recognition award

Studied at the Post secondary School of Fine Arts in Ontario

Studied and received Honours Bachelor in Digital Photography at Sheridan College

Attended private Art classes and received local Awards


I'm a detailed oriented person who enjoys capturing life's moments through my lens. Creating mini films and capturing creative photography is a true passion of mine.

Creating content from HIGH ABOVE the rest! Sharing stories with a birds-eye view. Follow @hawksviewdrone for creative visuals and captivating stories from the sky.

Capturing moments and memories one click at a time. Let me take you on a journey through my lens of photography, video, and virtual tours to experience the world in a new way.​

  • A highly skilled and certified drone pilot  

  • Licensed and trained to Canadian drone regulation standards

  • Aerial Equipment - DJI drone, which is the leading brand in the drone industry. It allows me to produce high quality photography and video

  • Virtual Tour Equipment - A modern camera developed for the sole purpose of creating High Definition panorama's.

  • Editing - professional software used to apply colour grading enhancement, sound design, visual effects and animated titles to videos

  • Access to copyright-free music which is included in all videos


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