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Copyright Notice


Hawks View Drone owns the copyrights to all photographs and video captured by Hawks View Drone. Hawks View Drone reserves the right to use any of the mentioned content captured on this website, social media and other publications unless advised otherwise.

If anyone purchases any content produced by Hawks View Drone, they are only receiving an individual license for advertising use. This license is valid for a period of 12 months from the delivery date. Photographs and videos are not to be distributed or sold to other parties, agencies, companies, homeowners, etc.

Any third party purchaser who wishes to distribute or use any content produced by Hawks View Drone,  must contact Hawks View Drone for details and instructions. If the purchaser submits video or photo for publication of any kind, credit must be given to Hawks View Drone.


If a breach of copyright laws are discovered you may be prosecuted for Copyright Infringement in a Canadian court.

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